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    Export to PDF with custom time period



      Run into a small issue when attempting export an NTA page from the Orion Web Console running NTA 3.7 where a custom time period is used. Backend is Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise with a MySQL 2008 R2 Database.

      If I use either a Named Time Period or a Relative Time Period I have no issues exporting my web page to a PDF. However, if I want to generate a report based on a Custom Time Period the export fails with a dialogue stating:

      There was an error trying to export the page to PDF, please try again later.
      Export to PDF failed. Err: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

      Does this affect anyone else out there, and is this a bug in SolarWinds or the web server? I'm assuming it is somehow related to the fact that the URL contains backslashes as date separators, e.g. my URL is:

      Just wondering if there is a workaround, or if I should be raising this as a bug.


      Quick addition:
      Just tried to do a similar export of the average load graph for a Cisco router from within Orion NPM Web Console for a Custom Time period, and no issues despite that URL also using a backslash in the date:

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          Neil isn't alone; I have the same issue when using the "export to pdf" option from NTA. It works fine if you are graphing events over a period of time that can be reconciled by both UK and US time formats  - e/g: 04/05/11 (4th May 2011 in UK or 5th April in US format).

          However if I try to graph outside of this, say 30/04/2011 (30th April 2011) then I presume that cannot be reconciled to the 04th of "30" 2011 and the report fails to run correctly.