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    Errornous system reboots - potential solution?


      When the SNMP agent is restarted nightly on a Linux system,NPM reports a reboot event for the node since NPM is checking the SNMP agent uptime MIB.  To correctly alert, we are using this poller (Linux System Uptime) to determine a correct system uptime on our Linux Servers via:

      MIB name: HOST-RESOURCES-MIB:hrSystemUptime


      We then created and advanced alert to trigger when the System Uptime poller rate is less thena or equal to 120000 (20 Minutes).


      The SNMP agent restarts are done when we install the HP system tools and managment agents on our SUSE servers running on HP proliant servers.


      Does this appear to be a reasonable solution?


      Is it possible the NPM's reboots events could be triggered via this MIB?