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    Monitoring Fedora  Dell poweredge volume via snmp

      I'd like to be able to monitor my Linux (Fedora) Dell Poweredge volumes via NPM, can anyone point me to a post or document that explains how to do this? I'm very new to NPM and have had modest success. As part of the network discovery, some of my older Solaris systems can be seen with volumes that can be tracked - I did nothing special - they jsut appeared during the discovery with a category like 'net-snmp' . I'd like to see the same for my newer Dell Poweredge systems.

      For the Poweredge machine I'm testing, I'm pretty sure the snmpd.conf is OK since I can issue snmpwalk and snmpget commands and get a response concerning a particular partition (i.e. '/ftp2' ) but I just can't get NPM to give me any information other than the system exists and is pingable (hence the response time information.)

      Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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          It turns out there was an 'ICMP Only' box in the node properties that was checked, and when this was unchecked, an SNMP configuration area appeared where the public string etc. could be configured. After configuring this, the volumes were visible through the resource list, and I was able to select the ones I needed.

          I would strongly suggest not having the SNMP configuration area's visibility toggle on or off. The screen space saved is not worth the confusion it creates.