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    *NEW* User Device Tracker Beta


      We have a new Beta available for User Device Tracker (Beta7). This incorporates a lot of feedback we received from previous Beta cycles and includes most of the features that will be available for the product launch (we're getting close!). 

      If you are interested in participating, please fill out this survey and I will provide the information you need as spots become available.


      Known issues for Beta7:


      1. Pink squares on the search results page (these are placeholders to make sure we don't forget to add the real icon).
      2. When exporting the search results, some of the MAC Addresses are displayed in decimal instead of hex.
      3. Last Seen timestamp is blank for active devices
      4. Timestamps are wrong (timezone issue)
      5. FF4 uses mobile site (explanation and work around Internet Explorer 9 & Firefox 4 Support)



      If you have a large site and are having problem completing Network Sonar Wizard, I recommend disabling the topology detection in discovery. This is done per discovery profile and you need to have a profile configured before you can remove it (you can do this by putting in your nodes then canceling when discovery starts).



       To remove topology detection from a discovery profile:



      1. Find the profile ID from the database. This information is located in the DiscoveryProfiles table.
      2. Run this command (replace XX with your profile ID number)




      DELETE FROM DiscoveryProfileOptions

      WHERE ProfileID = XX

      AND OptionID IN (15,16)



      Beta builds are not for production environments and are not supported by our support organization. Install this in a test environment and let us know what you think. This product does not require NPM. In fact, you cannot install a Beta product in a production environment. If you are curious what the integration will look like, you can download and install an evaluation of NPM and install it on the same machine as UDT.