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    HTML Formatting in Advanced Alerts


      Our company uses nothing but advanced alerts because it's just easier for us to get all the information we need at that one time.  With the inclusion of HTML in the email alerts (which is much easier enabled in 10.1.2) this has gotten even better.

      However, I did notice one problem that might be easier to explain with a sample and an image.

      The following is an example of a simple alert that we've drafted using the HTML format:


      [Down] BALTEXREST01v (
      This alert has been triggered because BALTEXREST01v is Down
      NodeNode status is Down.BALTEXREST01v /
      Machine TypeWindows 2008 Server
      DNS Name baltexrest01v.piper.root.local
      Site BALT

      For the message to look this pretty, I need to enter all the HTML code on the SAME LINE in the message window.  Though it wraps, if I were to put in Carraige Returns, the system automatically replaces Carraige Returns with a <br /> (HTML Manual Line Break).

      Feature Request: Please include just a checkbox or something in the Edit E-Mail/Page Action Window's Message Tab to allow me to enable/disable the auto-replacement of a CrLf with a <br />.

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          It's not my intention to sound condescending (and I apologize if I do) but why not simply insert carriage returns as needed. I'm assuming that you're inserting the <br /> tag manually. Since you know that the carriage return is replaced by the <br /> HTML tag, why not let the system take care of it?

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              No insult was perceived as I may have not explained it well.

              When I draft HTML in a editor (normally plain text) I put in carriage returns after certain elements for readability. I *always* do this for elements in a table tag so that there is a visual and logical break between rows and column definition.

              So a simple one would look like this:

                  <td>Row 1/Cell 1</td>
                  <td>Row 1/Cell 2</td>
                  <td>Row 2/Cell 1</td>
                  <td>Row 2/Cell 2</td>

              If Orion tries to interpret this particular set of HTML code, it would actually send the following:

              <table><br />
                <tr><br />
                  <td>Row 1/Cell 1</td><br />
                  <td>Row 1/Cell 2</td><br />
                </tr><br />
                <tr><br />
                  <td>Row 2/Cell 1</td><br />
                  <td>Row 2/Cell 2</td><br />
                </tr><br />
              </table><br />

              So this will be way off insofar as formatting.  The only way that I can get what I'm looking for is to put all of the HTML code on the same line, like this:

              <table><tr><td>Row 1/Cell 1</td><td>Row 1/Cell 2</td></tr><tr><td>Row 2/Cell 1</td><td>Row 2/Cell 2</td></tr></table>

              Since HTML doesn't "care" about white spaces this is rendered the same as my original sample, but it is much harder to read and edit for complex HTML.

              What I'm really looking for the is the ability to tell Orion (when processing HTML Messages) to ignore carriage return/line feed characters and use EXACTLY what I'm entering as I've entered it.