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    Variable for web server URL ?




      This might have already been asked, or even being detailed in the product doc, but actually I cannot find it...

      Is there any predefined variable that can be used when linking to a custom view ?

      I.E lots of examples here mention 'copy and paste' the URL of your custom view for, lets say, add this view to a menu bar, now what happens when you migrate your server or change FQDN ?

      Surely there must be a way of defining server FQDN as variable instead of hardcoding it ?


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          OK, silly point regarding the custom view links, since it is preferable anyway to define the link with relative path (e.g. /Orion/SummaryView.aspx?viewid=XX)

          However, having a variable for the FQDN would still be useful, specially if server host other app you want to link to... So, any predefined variable, or way to create one ?