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    Tag Trap



      I need setting a tag trap with trap viewer.

      In which DB table need I find the recorded message ? (and which sql query to issue ?)


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          tag the trap (based on criteria you set with the alert) with some text.  Initially I would use something bizarre for testing like "catdog" or something.

          the table it will reside in is the "Traps" table.  an example query might be:

          COUNT(tag) as occurances,
          tag as TagName
          from Traps
          group by Tag

          that would simply give you this type of output for a query

          occurances    TagName
          10                  catdog

          I tagged 10 traps with "catdog" and I had a where clause limiting to 100.  The other 90 were not tagged.

          I'm willing to bet you could create a report in report writer natively without having to do the custom SQL, but I haven't tried.