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    Get CPU Speed for all servers.


      I see reports that pull the current CPU usage in percentage, but I trying to add columns for the speed of the CPU that is in the server. I figure if it can pull the CPU usage in percentage NPM must be storing the actual CPU size/speed somewhere in there (right?)


      I downloaded one or two universal device pollers and reports from the content exchange but it doesn't populate the reports.

      (Or if I need to create another device poller, how would I go about finding the MIB/OID of what I need? I assume this would different for each type of server I have?)

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          You are correct, you'll need to create a UnDP for each brand of server. Here are the two I know about:


          HP :

          Besides the different OIDs for each brand, you'll probably need to have the corresponding management software loaded on each system in order for the OID to return a value. For Dell, this would be OpenManage and for HP, I believe this would be Insight.

          If you have a different brand, you'll need a utility that will allow you to walk or browse the MIB. It'll be a bit more cumbersome since you'll have to find manually search for the correct OID for the processor speed.

          I hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.