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    Monitoring UPSes attached to servers....


      We have servers running PowerChute to which a UPS is attached either by serial or USB. Logging to the PowerChute software show that it is reading UPS information.

      However, when I query the server IP with a custom poller for the UPS variables I get "no data". The same poller works on the UPSes. These are APC UPSes BTW.

      Has anyone else successfully done this?

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          Andy McBride

          To make sure I have a clear picture of the setup, do these UPS have IP addresses of their own or are they only reachable through the servers? What tool are you using to see the UPS data on the servers?

          I doubt that the servers have the UPS MIB which is why you cannot poll those OIDs from the server's IP address.

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              They are only reachable through the server. We are using PowerChute to see the UPS data on the server. I can login to the server and see that the software sees the UPS.

              The server does not have the UPS MIB. I did a MIB walk and the OIDs are not supported as you indicate. So the question is how to get the MIB on the server and once it's there will Orion pull the values. I would think it would.

              APC indicated that the MIB is supposed to be installed during the installation of the PowerChute software provided SNMP is enabled prior to the install. They also indicated that uninstalling the reinstalling the software with SNMP enabled should do the trick. We are going to try that and see if it works.