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    Want to provide usability feedback on future versions of Profiler?

    Kellie Mecham

      We’re currently looking to understand more about the top tasks you do in Profiler, and how you go about accomplishing those tasks.


      We are looking for current Profiler users who can spend 60-90 minutes on an online meeting with us any time at your convenience between Wednesday, April 6 and Wednesday, April 13, showing us “live” the top things you do with Profiler in your environment.  This data will be used to help us understand how to make the experience of using Profiler easier, more efficient and more useful for you in future releases.


      This is your chance to provide feedback!  If you’re interested or would like to find out more, please email me at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com and provide the following information in your email:

      • Your name
      • Phone #
      • Email
      • Company
      • Your title/role
      • How long you've been using Profiler