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    Multiple alerts per email


      In the Orion Network Performance Monitor is the Alerts feature which is cool but what I would hope and like to see is if they will add to this feature where you can have multiple emails per alert instead of an email per alert. We monitor several hundred devices and if device a, b, c, and d goes down we get four separate emails instead of just one. Another thing would be to have this categorized into device type like Cisco DSL's, Servers, Switches and so on but that's just a thought.

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          I am not sure if this helps, it would be based on how your network is setup for monitoring, but with Orion 10.x, we now have Group Dependancies.  Basically, it will allow you to send one email for a "Parent" node, instead of 10-20 or however many for all devices behind the parent, since Orion wouldnt be able to see them.

          Again, might not help, but its something I recently setup, and works great.