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    netflow service fails to start after reboot


      I have read some people having issues with the startup time of the server which impacted the netflowService startup time. I am having a different issue. Upon reboot of the box (which is in test mode right now) the netflow service is not starting. The service itself is set to automatically recover (first fail; restart, 2nd fail; restart..)However it's not recovering!

       I am getting this message:

      Service was unable to open new database connection when requested.
      Exception Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
      Connection string - Data Source=(local)\SOLARWINDS_ORION;Initial Catalog=SolarWindsOrion;User ID=SolarWindsOrionDatabaseUser;Password=*******;Connect Timeout=20;Load Balance Timeout=120;Application Name=NetFlowService;Workstation ID=IGOR

      Anybody have any insight? Thanks

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          Hi netnerd,

          Which version(s) of NPM and other components are you running? Also which version of Microsoft SQL are you running?  Do you have Orion NPM, Netflow and SQL running on the same box?

          First, I'd recommend running permissions checker from

          C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\OrionPermissionsChecker.exe (or whichever drive you installed Solarwinds source files to)

          and then, Start > All Programs > Solar Winds Orion > Configuration and Auto Discovery > and then Configuration Wizard and then select Database..

          If you get the same error, then it appears to me that you definitely have a UN/PW issue.. but I'm a little curious,  what triggered this error? (In other words, what was the last configuration change you did before the reboot? )

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              Hi and thanks for posting.

              I'm running eval versions (recently purchased)(havent installed licenses yet) of NPM, NCM, NTA, APM. I've done a search of my server for the permissions checker and 'there are no results to display'. I think maybe my installation went a little too hasty? Either way, I'm going to get licenses installed this week and take if from there. The server itself sort of hung and I rebooted it. (after an entire weekend of server displaying the message: system error, server needs to shut down). Rebooted Monday and netflow failed to start. Version are as follows:

              SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.0, APM 4.0.2, NCM 6.1, NPM 10.1.2, NTA 3.7