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    Catalyst 3020 interface bandwidth

    Mr. Wick


      We've got a fair number of Catalyst 3020 switches embedded in HP blade enclosures.  I have noticed that Orion sees these interfaces as 10 Mb interfaces, when indeed they are 1 GB interfaces.  This leads me to a couple of questions...

      1.  Why are they not being reported correctly?

      2.  Is there a way to change all the interfaces to the appropriate bandwidth without having to do it one interface at a time through the web console?

      Thanks for any assistance, and have a great day.


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          Chrystal Taylor


          You can change multiple interface bandwidths at once.  In your web console, go to the manage nodes page.  There is a drop-down menu at the top that will allow you to change nodes to interfaces.  After you select interfaces, you can change the grouping to allow you to see only the ones for Cisco.  Check the boxes of the interfaces that you want to change, and choose "Edit Properties".  Check the Bandwidth box then check the custom bandwidth box, and it will allow you to change the transmit and receive bandwiths.  Hope this helped.