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    Add a property, for create node

      I look everwhere, thwack, Orion NPM settings, NPM server tools, I don't found how to create a property to force user to inform important field on custom properties node (like city, location, vendor...)

      I think it's possible to do this.

            I explain my problem... I configuration NPM for "one" user. He can see on his Global view, only the node where the field "City" is "Paris". But I can force him to inform this field city. So, if he doesn't inform this field, the user can't have access to the node...


       That's why I would force user to inform this field.



      Thank you for your Help


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          My experience with granting a group of users access to nodes based on a custom field is this:

          • I told them they needed to set the custom field. If they didn't do it, they would not see the node.
          • They forget the need to set the custom field and end up calling me.
          • I update the custom field and remind them of their responsibility.
          • They get it right from that point forward.

          The end result is after making some mistakes, people tend to correct their own mistakes. Give them a chance to fail and then they will succeed the next time.