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    Migrating backend SQL from 2005-64bit to 2008-R2-64bit on new cluster


      Hi all,

      i am hoping to do a migration to of my backend SQL from its current microsoft cluster to a brand new cluster.  I will be moving SQL versions from 2005 to 2008.

      what are your thoughts on what i shold do to make this seamless?  i am hoping to not even have to run the DB configurastion wizzard for NPM ro NTA, i will just stop all application servicves, bring up the new cluste rinstance witht he same name, and then bring them up again and have no problems :-)

      additional tasks:
      - Add solarwinds username/password that current NPM uses on the current instance
      - I know i have to enable CLR on the new SQL, but i can not remember if there are a bunch of other things i need to do on the SQL box to make it work