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    How to install profiler agent?

      i'm very new here with solarwind product. 

      so, i connect to http://profilerserver:9000 and click on add more servers.


      i'm presented with instruction to install the agent, rofiler_Agent-windows-xxx-nnn.exe, where xxx is the architecture and nnn is the version.

      But, where do i fine this agent? i can't find it anywhere on my profiler server.

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          I finally was able to install the agent. Apparently the agent needs to be downloaded separately. 

          My question now is, after installing the agent, and enabling port 162 and 4319 TCP on both the profiler server and the client, nothing shows up on the profiler server?


          what do i need to do to add a new client to monitor my servers?

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              When you install an agent, it asks for the Profiler server IP address.  When you start the agent service, it sends a trap to the Profiler and says "I am here, what am I suppose to be doing?".  If the trap makes it to the Profiler server, it should configure the agent in the database and push a configuration to the agent. 

              At that point, you should see it the resources list (Settings > Resources).  If you don't, it may mean that either 1) The trap can't make it thru your network  2) There is a problem with the Event Reciever.

              Let me know if that gets you going, or if you need more help.


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                In your resource pane to the left, expand the 'Servers and NAS Group'. Under the "Unassigned" sub group, you should find the servere(s) that has an Agent installed on it.

                To manage that agent go to Settings > Resource Groups (Under Resource Management).
                Click on Add Group radio button and give the new group a name. 'Agents' for example.

                Under Category field, click on Servers and NAS. Select the Servers og 'Agents' you wish to add to this group & Save.
                Finish by clicking on Save again.

                In the resource pane to the left, you should be able to see the newly created group and the agent within.
                If not, right click on an empty field in the resource pane and select refresh.