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      How do you change the default Netflow direction when viewing the Netflow Interface Details. I want it to display Egress but the default is Ingress.



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          Should be a button at the top of the page.

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              Hi Jeff,

              Sorry, this isn't the answer... What the OP and myself are after is a way of setting the Default view to be both. At present, NTA always shows up with Ingress as the default setting. Generally I find this view less than useful due to the characteristics of our network so I'd prefer the default view to be Both; and preferably with a longer default time view of 1 Hour instead of 15 Minutes.

              As Mav has pointed out this is currently not an available featue, but has been requested by many people so will hopefully be rolled out soon :)

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              Unfortunately, there is not a way to set this globally. This is a known request and I've added you to the list of people that would like to have this.

              Thanks for the feedback!