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    Menu Bar Editing - Don't force Available Items to be drug up to the top to get to Selected Items

    Jay Cummings

      When customers create new views that alphabetically land that view onto the bottom of an Available Items list on the Menu Bar Editing page.  It is very tedious when placing these new views on a menu bar to have to drag them all the way to the top of a page waiting for scrolling to take place in the browser before it finally lands on the Selected Items landing pad.  It simply isn't necessary.

      Options that quickly come to mind are: 

      • make the Selected Items landing pad as long at the Available Items landing pad, so dragging up isn't necessary
      • allow Available Items to be dropped in approximate space under Selected Items column, so dragging up isn't necessary
      • change to use Add --> and Remove <-- arrows

      I don't want to dictate the solution, but rather request an improvement to the current functionality.