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    TFTP server timeouts & Bad filename

      My TFTP server is not working!  When I use the Cisco ACL Editor to download a config from next upstream switch, the attempt times out. I am sure the supplied credentials are correct and I can transfer the config from the switch to the TFTP server using the copy running-config tftp command.  Also, when testing the TFTP server using the "Download Cisco Config" tool, I get errors saying "File Exists..." & "Interupted by client, cause: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."  In the TFTP Server, I have checked the "Rename existing files on conflict"  so these sequence of errors repeats several times before attempt fails and returns a "Bad Filename" error.  I have made sure that the directory C:\TFTP-Root\ is completely empty before beginning the attempt.  Also checked - no other TFTP services are running on this box.

      I am using WorkSpace version and have applied the Hot fix.  There are no firewalls between server and switch and Windows firewall is turned off.  TFTP server is bound to the correct address/interface and security is set to both send & recieve files and Allow all IP addresses.

      Any suggestions

      -thanks, DrDew

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          Please verify that your SNMP credential has read/write access. It needs write access in order to transfer a file whether that transfer is an upload or download.



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              Thanks, and yes, supplied credential has RW.  I have tested with 3 different switches (all using same credential) and all three return same result.  When using the Cisco ACL Editor, the TFTP Server window lists absolutely nothing - the ACL Editor returns the Timeout error.  It's as though the switch is ignoring the request, however Orion NPM is actively polling the switches with this credential. I used the "Test Selected Credential" in the Device Properties > R/W SNMP window in WorkSpace Studio and it succeeded. I also used the "Test" feature in NPM > Web Console > Manage Nodes > Edit Properties > SNMP to check the RW credential and it passes


              I'm assuming that the Config Downloader Tool uses the Telnet/SSH credentials and that is why the TFTP Server window lists the file name errors. (Perhaps a different issue there?)  I used this tool only to test the TFTP Server - and, at least, it sees the connection attempt. And since the TFTP Server receives the file when pushed from the switch, am I correct in assuming the problem is with the ACL Editor??  It is the ACL Editor that I want to work as I have a boatload of switches and routers and several dozen named ACLs to maintain. 

              Was hoping to avoid dragging out the Protocol Anaylzer  :-(


              thanks -DrDew