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    Synthetic Transaction Monitoring


      Hi all,

      The company I work for were wondering if the following is possible.

      We want to setup a node at one of our client sites with a script on it.  This script will send files of varying sizes across the network to a designated host and then the results of how long it takes to transfer and recieve the files to be sent to the Orion Database we use then once it is in the database and then display this data in the web console.

      So is it possible?



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          With Orion APM you can use scripts to report statistical data back to Orion which can also be displayed in the interface.

          In your specific case I would have the script at the client site store the result.  Then create a script in Orion APM that monitors the node at the client site which goes and collects the stored statistical datapoint.  I think this would accomplish your goal.

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            Do you have APM?  There is a user experience monitor called the Download Speed Monitor. Would something like this work for you?

            This component monitor measures the time it takes to download data from  the target node The target node must be running a Character Generator  service. Statistic: Download speed in KB/s (1024 bytes per second).

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              Have you looked at our Application Performance Monitor product?  In there we have a user experience monitor template which does the following:

              This template tests the ability of an FTP server to accept incoming sessions, process user logins, and then transmit the requested file. The component monitor performs an MD5 checksum comparison on the downloaded file to verify content integrity Prerequisites: None. Credentials: FTP account with read permissions on target server.

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                  Will have to look at what was mentioned.  However we were hoping to have something where a script would write its results to the DB and then we pull the information from there :s

                  Also have just checked the list of APM Templates and I found this one "Thwack.com - User Experience Monitor Example Template"

                  Is this the one you were referring too?