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    Customize Page & All Nodes View

      I have been tearing my hair out trying to figure out what the heck is going on with the Sumamry View for my Solarwinds installation.  Currently on the "Orion Summary Home" page I have a Node - All Tree view that is grouped by Vendor, Status.  Within these groups I have a bunch of servers that fall under the "Windows" group.  I did a discovery this morning and added a new server in (Citrix server for example).  I opened up the page for the new server, and clicked on Customize page.  This then allowed me to configure the page as I would want it seen.  I also create a new group called "Citrix Farm" with the new server that was discovered a member of it.  I called the page "Citrix Farm" as I am intending for this particular page to be used for all my Citrix servers.  However when I then go back to the Home page and expand out Windows and select any other server (irrespective of what it is being used for), I noticed that now all the other servers have the same page as I created for my new page.  What the heck???  How do I get Solarwinds to have a custom view specifically for a specific group or single server without affecting the others.

      I would have expected that when I (i) create a new view that that view is for that current node (server) I am working on and (ii) if I customize page that I am customizing the page for that node (server).  It looks as though Solarwinds is actioning a new view or customization page to apply to everything (irrespective of where it actually sits within the Summary Home page. 

      Can someone please help with this as it is causing issues when ever anybody tries to update a view, which shouldn't really be affecting any other device. 

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            Thanks for the link as that is some useful information, however it doesn't resolve the existing issue I am presently having.  Due to the fact that Solarwinds groups objects together dependant on what SNMP feeds it, it is unable to distinguish between the particular services a server would be running.  For example, I can have a Citrix Server, Mail Server and normal file server.  All of these are Windows servers so SNMP will always group it specifically as "Windows".  I understand from the article that custom pollers can be added to each device, but the page itself can't be customised to have the information tailored for each type of device.  I guess the only way around this currently (until any requested enhancements appear on the horizon), may be to have a specific page type for each server and then add custom pollers only to it.  They will all look the same, but obviously the pollers will be specific to each node as it gets created.