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    Cant put SQL in alert Email Address


      I thought this was being researched, but I just upgraded to 10.1.2 and I am still having the issue.

      I have a custom property, AppOwner, that contains the beginning of email addresses of application owners of nodes.

      This can contain more than one AppOwner seperated by commas like: "Jonathan.Ulrich, Bob.Parr"

      I want to be able to use a SQL Select query in the TO field of the alert email action to parse the AppOwner and add the domain to the end and between multiple address like this:

      ${SQL:Select Replace('${AppOwner}',',','@mydomain.com; ')+'@mydomain.com '}

      The problem is as soon as you save the email action, it truncates the SQL at the ":"

      Is this issue still being worked?