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    UDT Beta - Selectively adding ports does not work correctly


      Went through the port discovery process and filter out the uplink ports and vlans only to see that they were all added in when we went back to the Device Tracker Summary page.

      A few notes here after 5 minutes of use:

      • Error on main page before discovery - already discussed and noted in another thread - ok.
      • Tried to add user ports for a switch.  When selecting a port, the subsequent "Device Tracker Port Details" page has an error "The "The "Event Summary For This Port" resource is missing.  The file /Orion/UDT/Resources/PortDetails/EventSummary.ascx is not found."
      • Ports selected during user port selection process never got added when looking at "Discovery Central" - showing 0 ports monitored.
      • After running discovery in "Discovery Central" there is no way to filter out Trunks or VLANS?
      • Time on "Device Tracker Port Details" page is off by 4 hours (UTC maybe?)
      • No way to get back to discovery watch list.