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    Historical Tracking Information


      I have a strange thing occur with the results of a historical search. I've been purposely plugging a device into random ports on different switch stacks to build up a good history, but for some reason it appears to have been lost over the weekend.

      The item itself is on the tracking list and last week I moved it around to a few different ports and the history showed this. I've changed its ports around 3 times since I last checked it, but now when I search it only shows the switch and port it is currently connected to. I've refreshed the page and search multiple times and have switched it between active and historical results being shown, but it still only shows the current connection.

      I have also had another device appear in a similar fashion, apart from this one shows only 2 historical results (should be around 5) but it only shows the switch name, not the port number or the time it was last seen.

      I'm performing all my searches by MAC address.