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    Additional Polling Engine


      Hi all

      Here are my server specs:
      Server 1 - WEB Server
      Hardware: DL360 G6 L5520, 4Gig RAM RDIMM, 70gig HD 15K RPM RAID 1+0
      Software: Windows 2K3 SP2 32bit, NPM 10.1.1 SP1 SLX, NTA 3.7 SLX, NCM 6.0 DL100, APM 3.5 AL100

      Server 2 - DB Server
      Hardware: DL360 G6 E5540, 32Gig RAM RDIMM, 4x 140gig HD 15K RPM RAID 1+0
      Software: Windows 2K8 SP2 64bit, SQL Server 2K8 64bit


      We are about to add a 3rd server (polling engine).

      HP DL360G7 E5630 Base AP Svr
      2X HP 72GB 6G SAS 15K
      4Gig RAM, Windows 2008 R2 64bit

      Is my OS version supported? I need confirmation.

      I know from reading some of the threads in the forum that it is exactly the same as building a new Web/Polling Server for the 1st time. Install all components (NPM,NTA,APM and NCM) using the exact same versions.

      I need steps on the polling engine application, could someone please send me the link?


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          Well, making reference to the online Admin guide, Windows 2008 R2 64 Bit would work just fine.  The only caveat I see is that if your run IIS you have to run it in 32 bit mode.  Since the poller won't be running IIS, You shouldn't have to do anything special.

          HERE is the link to the additional poller installation.  Do realize it is a separate/different executable for the install vs a NPM install.

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            Mark Roberts

            Hi Peter,

            Windows 2003 R2 and Windows 2008R2 are both supported OS's.

            Steps are:

            1. Download the APE installer from the portal. Note modules such as the APM require specific installers to install onto an APE, so download these from the portal as well

            2. Ensure .Net Framework v3.5.1 is already installed

            3. Ensure the version of APE you are installing is the same as that for your primary Orion SLX. If not upgrade the SLX installation

            4. Install APE, connecting to the same database

            5. Install the modules you wish to utilise from the APE. It is not necessary to install them, but you can load balance modules as well if you do. You do not need to install Orion NCM.

            The admin guide within the APE installer Zip from the portal has details on this process

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                Thanks for the replies peeps.

                On the customer portal, I have SolarWinds-Orion-AdditionalPoller.exe but doesnt state the version.

                On my existing web servers, I have SolarWinds Orion Core 2010.2.1 SP1, APM 3.5, NCM 6.0, NPM 10.1.1 SP1, NTA 3.7 so I'm not sure if I have the correct APE version.

                I'm only planning to install NPM 10.1.1 SP1 SLX and NTA 3.7 SLX with the APE. Is that OK? Once this is complete, I will migrate some of the devices from the current server to the new Polling Engine Server to share the load.

                NCM is only license for 100 devices and APM is 300 so I dont really need this modules installed on the new APE.

                Last, I will not run www on the new APE Server. Its purely for monitoring nodes. Both Web and APE servers talks to a 3rd SQL server. My question is, will my existing Web Server see the nodes on the NPM web portal that is monitored by the APE server?



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                    Hi Peter,

                    Unless something has changed recently, NTA can only reside on your primary polling engine. 

                    Other than that, it sounds like you are good to go.  Your web server will know about the nodes on your APE because your APE will tie into your existing database.  The webserver connects to your DB to get the information for your nodes, not to the polling engines themselves for that information. 


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                        Hi Geoffrey,

                        With regards to NTA, I just need to understand what I need to do...

                        Install APE on the new server, Install NPM (same version). Can I install NTA aswell on the new server? Both NPM and NTA are SLX license and I would like to load balance these two modules between the two servers.




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                            Sorry for any confusion but above I said, as far as I understand, that you can only have NTA running on your primary polling engine.  If someone knows otherwise hopefully they'll chime in.  We've got an APE right now and only run NTA on the primary polling engine.


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                      Regarding the NTA installation requirements, they have changed.  It is now possible to install NTA on an additional poller.  I don't remember which version made that change, but per the admin guide you can install NTA on an additional polling engine:

                      Installing Orion NTA
                      Complete the following procedure to install Orion NTA. You must provide your NetFlow traffic port and confirm that it is enabled and sending Flow data in order to complete your installation.
                      Note: If you are installing Orion NTA on an Orion Additional Poller, confirm that the version of Orion NTA you are installing on any and all Orion Additional Pollers matches the version of Orion NTA you are running on your primary Orion polling engine.


                      Hope this helps.