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    Change Node Status with Alerts


      I have seen it mentioned by others and also agree that it would be nice to see a node status change when there are alerts associated with that node or objects associated with the node (such as interfaces, volumes, applications, etc.).

      A relatively simple way to do this would be as follows... 

      1. Add a new Advanced Alert Action called "Node Status Change"
      2. Add a new Node Status, some new color or icon to indicate the node is in Alert status
      3. Make this new Node Status function just like other Node status
        1. Roll-up functionality on maps and other views, etc

      This would allow the flexibility to choose which alerts change the status of a node.  Since Advanced Alerts are stateful the Node Status Change associated with the alert would go away when the Advanced Alert was rearmed.

      To make this real fancy, several different new Node Status could be added and when you selected the Node Status Change Alert option you could choose which Node Status you wanted to use.