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    Network Discovery issue


      I suspect this is not part of the UDT component, however, I thought I would mention the network discovery process in UDT Beta seems to have a problem with address ranges.

      I ran a discovery and gave it an IP address range (a class C), but the discovery seems to be polling addresses outside this given range.  Any idea why it would attempt to discover devices outside the given IP address range?

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          Hi WallaceG--

          I've marked this for Mav to review.


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              Did you see this during Network Sonar Wizard (the first default discovery that Orion runs)? Or did you see this after clicking Discover Ports (this is the UDT portion of discovery)?

              When you run Network Sonar Wizard, there is an option to specify additional hops. By default, this is zero. Did you increase this setting during discovery or have a seed router added?

              Do you know what other addresses were being hit? For example, was it other addresses on a router that was in the range? 


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                  Yes this was network discovery.

                  After I read your post, I re-ran the discover and made sure hop count was 0 and that fixed my problem.

                  BTW, I had to increase my discovery timeout in the wizard. I have been running into the 60 minute default timeout. Is that expected behavior?

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                    Thought I would throw my 2 cents in here today.

                    I also had a similar issue - during the initial dicsovery, I also gave it a class c range - hop count 0, but it took about an hour, and hit alot of subnets I didnt ask it to.  I thought, initally, this was because it was trying to see what was on the uplink ports, but it shouldnt do that either.

                    My UPS units are set to only respond to a specific IP (and UDT is not it) and alert us when something other than the approved IP attempts a SNMP scan.  Imaging getting an alert from 300 UPS's, at 4 emails per UPS, (retry was set to 4 i think). 

                    My UPS guy was quite unhappy with me. I happend to run the scan at midnight..