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    Missing POS Interface Statistics


      I am monitoring a Cisco 7201 router (IOS 15.0.1M4) with Orion NPM v10.1.  This router has a POS (Packet Over Sonet) interface and NPM does not appear to be collecting statistics for this interface; all the graphs for bps, utilization, errors, etc. report 'No Data For Selected Time Period'.  Even the Percent Utilization Radial Guages report -2% RECV and XMIT Utilization.  I'm also monitoring a Gigabit Ethernet interface on the same router and it is working fine.  I've tried removing and re-adding the node in NPM, but this has not helped.  Any thoughs on what I can do to get this working?  Thanks in advance.

      To add, I am using SNMP v2c and allow 64 bit counters.  I had read other monitoring product thread posts mentioning this would be needed for monitoing POS interfaces.