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    NPM Basic Alerts



               We use NPM 9.5 SP5 to monitor our nodes , and use basic alerts with more than 450 alert configured .. it takes a few seconds for the basic alert window to open .. and the more the alert is configured , the slower the window opens.

      Is there any method to add alert from web instead of logging on the Orion Server to avoid this delay ?

      i know that we can add node simply from web .. but what about alerts ?

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          No, you can't manage alerts through the web console in any version prior to NPM 10. Even if you do upgrade to NPM 10, you'll only be able to manage advanced alerts.

          You can perform the following activities on alerts through the web console in the latest version of NPM.

          • enable/disable alerts
          • delete alerts
          • modify time of day settings
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              Ummm.. I think it will be more advanced to enable adding alert from Web , as you will prevent access to the Server Via RDP ..

              Anyway .. thanks for your reply :)

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                  Hello Guys I am new here. So take my mistake lightly.
                  My customer have EMC AX4-5F8 storage. They want get SNMP trap alert from the storage with Orion software integration. Can any1 suggest me how to do it. Also I need some information about below:: 

                  1.       Total alarm list (OIDs) (for EMC AX4-5) how the Orion will recieve.

                  2.       Total number of alarms per second (send by EMC AX4-5) in worst case.

                  3.       Severity list (minor, major, critical etc) and wether it is possible or not to filter alarms according to severity.

                  I have the clariion.mib and fa-mib40.mib file. How to work with this file.

                  And I know the OID start of is ::