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    Installing Orion on DISA Gold Disk / STIG Hardened Servers

    Steven Klassen

      I've been working at a DoD location installing SolarWinds NPM and several modules and have been running into Gold Disk violations regarding .NET v3.5. They're all manually evaluated and involve using mscorcfg.msc (previously caspol.exe) from the Windows Development Toolkit to lock down permissions. Unfortunately, SolarWinds doesn't use a non-default code group so the remediation won't work.

      I'm still in the midst of resolving these things, but the conventional wisdom I've been hearing is "install first, harden later" though I don't see how the presence of v3.5 is going to suddenly be okay regardless of whether or not the Gold Disk evaluation is run before or after SolarWinds is on the machine.

      I'll update this thread as things unfold. Any input is appreciated.