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    VM Console adding VM server error

      Hi Guys,


      I just installed VM console and i am unable to find or add any of our VM servers to the VM console,

      I am able to login to all of our VM's via vSphere client,


      Please advise what i can do to add an VM server to the VM console


      Reagard Brendan

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          Hello, do you see any errors in the VM Console?

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              Hi, i enter the ip address of the VM server and the only thing it gives me is this,

              is there an plug-in that is required for the VM server to help with this?

              PS: We are using VMware ESXi Version 4.1.0

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                  Your graphic makes it look like you are trying to enter the IP address in the search filter. This will only limit what is displayed. To add an ESX host to the tool click the gear icon at the top of the tool between the question mark and the minimize buttons. It will take you to the Settings screen. On the settings screen enter the server name or IP address of the ESX host, the username, and password, and click the "Add Server" button. It should appear in the server list below and attempt to validate the credentials for that host. If the credentials fail you will see a yield icon next to the server instead of the green check box. Hover your mouse over the yield icon and it will give you an error message for why it failed.



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                      Ok, thanx i did what you said and got the following error



                      This gave me enough information to solve the problem, let me explain... : )


                      1.) i have a primary and a secondary ip address


                      1.1) Primary ip address



                      1.2) and the secondary ip address


                      As soon as i set the secondary ip address as primary ip, i was able to connect to all the VM's



                      Now i've still got my two ip's that i can access the two networks and my VM Console works : )


                      Ps: the only thing that is not happy with the secondary ip is the outlook that is not connecting to the exchange, i thought that there might be other ways of creating a secondary ip address that would work with the VM Console.