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    Netflow on Cisco Catalyst 6509


      I'm attempting to collect  netflow statistics from a Cisco Catalyst 6509 chassis. I'm using a  Supervisor 2 module for administration and after following some  information online about netflow, I can only collect information on one  vlan.

      Here's the config:


      mls flow ip interface-full  
      mls nde sender version 5  
      ip flow-export source vlan11  
      ip flow-export version 5  
      ip flow-export destination [NMC IP address] 2055  

      (on multiple vlans)

      ip route-cache flow

      The NMC in question is on vlan 11, but I can't understand why it's  only receiving statistics about the vlan 11 interface when as far as the  configuration appears I should be collecting statistics on multiple vlan  interfaces. As far as the netflow configuration is concerned the vlan 11 interface is identical to most of the other vlans.

      Any help is appreciated.