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    Multiple Interface Chart - Chart shows traffic although Interface down.


      When an interface which is being plotted in a multiple interface chart is shutdown the plot doesn't also go down to zero. I have raised a case and I was provided the following advice, " The last value of the of the interface that was polled is kept in the database for display on this chart. Once polling re-commences, the new values are entered into the chart, and the chart graphs from the value held since the last poll"

      You can see here from this chart that when the interface was shutdown it started a diagonal line to the point when it was unshut. It therefore appears that there was a decreasing amount of traffic going over the line for three hours while in fact it was shut. The blue line infact took the increased in traffic flow to compensate for the outage and thus the line should be a mirror image of the blue line.


      Could we please show that when no traffic is flowing there is no traffic on the graph?