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    Updating Name field  Cisco Devices

      Hello, this is no doubt easy for someone out there. Here's hoping.


      When we built our database we used a CSV file. That text file had all the device details we wanted to import, but the way the names were presented was slightly different to the actual hostname of the devices. I want to have CatTools back up the configs AND update the Name field in the database so that it ends up being the hostname of the router.

      I can't be the first to have this problem, so hoping this might be answered quickly.


      Thanks for reading.

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi Simon,

          I don't think there is any activity you can run within CatTools which can do this in a bulk operation; however if you can somehow get your hostnames into (say) a csv file, with the current CatTools device name adjacent; then you may be able to work something out (loop though an array of hostname/device names for instance) and update the CatTools devices using the CatTools API: http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/api_device.htm

          NOTE: you probably will need to set the NAME and the FILENAME properties the same.  You may also want to note what CatTools accepts as 'filename safe' characters...  for example, when you add a new device and enter an none filename friendly character in the device name, the filename generated by CatTools will swap out these characters to underscore characters.

          Hope this helps