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    Monitoring ISP Availability - Inbound Traffic?

      Hey guys,

      First post here, hope I can explain what I am thinking:

      I have a few UTM firewalls (Symantec, McAfee, Juniper, Sonicwall) in which I would like to monitor the ISPs availability. Most of then have 3 different ISPs connected, with different technologies (Static IP with a router, xDSL, Cable Modems, radio, etc).

      My main problem is: The modems/routers RJ45 cables are always plugged into the firewalls and the ports are up (as there's a network Layer 1 link there). So my NPM would consider this port is always up, even if my ISP is down for a problem beyond my firewall. For that reason, Orion shows al the interfaces with 100% availability (what is true in the point of view of phisical link in the interface), but I just can't get the information about que outages of my ISPs.

      Do you guys know any way of monitoring this type of availability? (obviously there's no CISCO SLA, as we're not using Cisco boxes)

      One thing that would be OK for me is the following:

      Would it be possible to generate a report that will consider the interface as "down" if no inbound traffic has passed thru it ? For example, lets say that between 02:00AM and 03:00AM no traffic has passed in the interface, so we're going to consided, for the report, that the ISP was down in this period.

      Please note that it's just an idea, please let me know if you guys have been monitoring it in a different way.

      Thanks a lot in advance and sorry the bad english,