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    VSS Monitoring options( two 6513 & two 6509-E chassis)

      hi Team / Friends,

      we have 4 Cisco 6500 chassis,

      two 6513 chassis are in VSS Domain 100 & two 6509-E chassis are in VSS domain 200.

      We have Solarwinds NPM configured to monitor, but we are monitoring only interfaces, CPU and Memory. however i want NPM to monitor the 4 chassis seprately for Uptime / CPU Utilization / Modules / Sup-engine / Backplane - Dataplane etc, whatever we can monitor through NPM.

      Can somebody tried above and if yes then plz let me know how ? what was output..

      looking for great help from everyone.


      Swapnil Nawale [+91 9819898913]