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    Alert displayed times for Node.UnManaged = No


      Hello, first and foremost, my sql fu is not strong.

      I am writing a message body for a generic volume alert that is packed with all sorts of valuable data.  But one paticular paragraph is giving me some grief.

      Is the system currently in maintenance mode? - ${Node.UnManaged}
      Scheduled downtime from: ${Node.UnManageFrom} to ${Node.UnManageUntil}

      Basically if ${Node.UnManaged} returns a "No" then the whole second line returns begining of time values.  Basically what I am wondering is there a SQL statement I can use that says if ${Node.UnManaged}=No then can the second line be ommited entirely, and if ${Node.UnManaged}=Yes then go ahead and insert the second line.  Because obviously in a "Yes" scenario the ${Node.UnManageFrom} and ${Node.UnManageUntil} would contain valid data that I want.

      But as I said before, my sql fu is not strong.  I basically know how to round and I have selected a few captions to get rid of drive labels on volume alerts.

      Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.