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    Device Variations: How to set a blank value.


      I am testing if I can mange Apresia 13200 switch by Generic Device type.

      Now, I would like to set the blank value in Disable Paging and Enable Paging columns.

      But these blank values return to the default after saved.
      How can I set the blank value?

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi chito,

          What you are doing above in the variations UI is correct and should work fine for your device.

          After saving your variations, check in the 'Variations' sub folder in the main CatTools install directory for the variations file which CatTools has generated for your device; you should see:


          ...which means the variation has been saved successfully.

          However, what you are seeing when you reopen your variations file appears to be a bug in the variations UI (where an empty string value isn't populating the variations fields correctly).  

          I've added this bug to our tracking system, so thank-you for highlighting this to me.

          Kind regards,