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    Orion NPM Altas Map - Editing and saving maps


      I am very new to the Orion products and have started to work with existing Orion Atlas maps.  I want to understand the best method for editing and saving maps.

      For example, I had a Node map that required revision, the actual removal of components from the map.   Rather than editing the live map, I opened the original map example:  California map and saved it as California map-EDIT.

      This practice allowed me to safely make changes to the California map-EDIT without impacting the live, original map.  This is especially helpful to me as I have not had much experience with editing or creating maps.

      I was able to make the changes to the California map-EDIT, but ran into some issues when trying to save the map back as the original.

      I was wondering what is the best practice for editing and saving maps back as the original name with minimal impact to the live map.    Please bear with me as I try to learn these new tools

      Thanks in advance for any help offered