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    How To Monitor Windows Disk I/O


      I see a lot of questions regrading monitoring Windows Disk I/O so I figured I would quickly highlight two different ways I have been able to accomplish this.  The first way utilizes SNMP Informant Standard which is a free SNMP extensibility agent that you can install on Windows systems and can be monitored using just NPM and UnDP's.  The second way utilizes WMI counters, it doesn't require anything special to be installed on the Windows systems but will require APM.

      NPM & SNMP Informant

      See my UnDP's uploaded to the content exchange located Windows Disk IO Using SNMP Informantwhich includes a link to SNMP Informant.  I personally prefer this method to get disk I/O.  Below is a screenshot of what it looks like on one of my systems.


      APM & WMI Counters

      See my APM Template that I have uploaded to the Content Exchange located Windows Disk I/O.  Below is a screenshot of what this method looks like on one of my systems (note in this example I show only Reads but the template includes both Reads and Writes).


      Please feel free to provide feedback.  Also, if you have other ways that you have accomplished Disk I/O monitoring with Orion I would be interested in hearing about it.

      P.S.  I tried to post this, or at least a version of this yesterday but it didn't post, hopefully this one will work.