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    Advanced Alerts multiple alerts



      Can someone clarify if Advanced Alerts can see each others.

      We have two alerts set to monitor High CPU Usage on a server. A warning Alert goes out 80% and a critical at 90% but they will only trigger if the condition exists for more than 5minutes.

      A few days ago the Critical triggered but the Warning did not, when checking the CPU Usage on the server it jumped from 60% straight to 100%. Now this would have triggered both Warning and Critical but only the Critical alert was triggered. We presumed that Advanced Alerts must be able to see each other and that is why the Warning Alert did not trigger as it was superseded by the Critical Alert.

      Today another High CPU Usage alert was trigger, again it jumped from 60% straight to 100% but this time it triggered both the Warning and Critical alerts.

      Note: This happened on two different servers each with its own set of Warning/Critical Alerts.