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    VM Console: "Shut Down Guest" does a "Power Off" instead?

      While testing VM Console , I've found that regardless of role rights, (administrator/restricted) the "Shut down Guest" command actually executes a "Power off", which is a dirty shut down.

      I'm just testing the VM console to give a desktop user permission to start up a guest if it's shut down. they don't need desktop access, all they need is the server to come online (i.e. a virtual power button), so they can interact with it over the network.

      VM Console seems perfect. I have created a specific role (power control) on my ESXi 4.1 server with the following rights:

      Virtual Machine -> Interaction -> Console Interaction (just in case), Power Off, Power On, Suspen

      I've then created an account with that role assigned for the VM they have access to. that is all well and good, with the exception of the strange behaviour.

      Can VM Console send a shut down signal to a VM at all? I noticed that the option is greyed out on the console menu when no user is logged in (this is a windows server 2003 instance); it becomes available when someone is logged in. this doesn't affect the behaviour of VM console itself though.

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          You are correct. The VM Console does not shut down the guest on a VM. It requests the VM to perform a power off.  We initially looked at shutting down the guest but the behavior, at that time, for VMWare across varying Operating Systems seemed inconsistent. It would be better if we had named that action "Power Off". We may look into adding the "Shut Down Guest" in a future release but would continue to provide a separate "Power Off" command for users who need a guarantee that the VM will be shut off.

          Sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused you.