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    Alerting on groups - mail message




      we stup advanced alerting for our SLA Groups and I want to see which node is warning or down.

      what we did is creating several groups for our different SLA levels. Each group contains the systems which are important. Then we created an advanced alert when a group member goes into warning, critical or down status.

      an email is sent with:

      subject: Group ${GroupName} is warning or down


      Group: ${GroupName}
      Status: ${GroupStatusName}

      ${GroupMemberDisplayName} ${GroupMemberName} is ${GroupMemberStatusName}


      Group and status are shown fine in a mail but I wnat to see which group member causes the alarm. At the moment I just see the first Group member and the status which doesn't help me much when an other system is warning.

      Anyone has an idea how to include the affected system in the mail message?