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    APM 4.0.2 RC - https monitor


      Getting the following error on the APM Component detail page for our HTTPS monitor

      Component Status Details:Unexpected error occurred. Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.

      When testing the component the component Passes successfully but when assigned to a server the component fails.

      Here is how the component is configured

       Component Type:  HTTPS Monitor
       About HTTPS Monitor
      This component monitor tests a web server's ability to accept incoming sessions over a secure channel and then transmit the requested page. The component monitor can also test the security certificate.
      more information
      Enable Component:  True  Override Template
      Credential for Monitoring:  <None>  Override Template 
      Port Number:  443  Override Template 
      Url:  https://${IP}:${PORT}/login.htm  Override Template 
      Follow Redirect:  True  Override Template 
      Use Proxy:  False  Override Template 
      Proxy Address:   Override Template 
      Certificate Subject:   Override Template 
      Ignore CA Errors:  True  Override Template 
      Ignore CN Errors:  True  Override Template 
      User Agent:  MSIE 6.0  Override Template 
      Search String:   Override Template 
      Fail If Found:  False  Override Template 
      Head Request:  False  Override Template 
      Accept Compression:  False

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          Thanks, Brandon!  Is this a regression from 4.0.1?  In other words, was this happening before you applied the 4.0.2 Service Release?


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              We upgraded directly from 3.5.  I talked to the guy that created the template and found out he had 999999999 "something i changed it before i wrote it down" for the "Polling Time out" Seconds..  When i tried to change it to 300 seconds i got a stack trace error in the web.  I am not sure if he had 99999999.... configured prior to upgrading or not.  I ended up removing the template all together and rebuilding it and everything is working.  Thanks