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    node pings, but cpu, memory and interfaces will not poll...different ip showing in web console to system manager


      I have an interesting issue, please comment - i may have to raise to support.

      We have been re-addressing some of our network nodes, and I have been updating the management address of these nodes via node management etc.

      I now have about 20 nodes which state Up but all interfaces are in the unknown state, I can see all the correct resources and have re-added the interfaces but they do not alter from unknown.

      I saw a different post about unknown status and they mentioned checking a setting via System Manager. Once I was in system manager it became apparent that system manager shows all these nodes with there original address and not their new one.

      When I click on the manage node button, it open the web console and the node is edit node, but on this page the ip address is correct - but this does not match the one showing in system manager!

      anyone seen this before? is this a bug?