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    APM 4.0.2 Service Release


      Please post any feedback on the APM 4.0.2 Service Release in this thread.  Looking forward to your feedback!




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          Hi Craig,


          can you include a list of fixes in this release?

          I am hoping this will finally resolve some of our issues (as you already know, we suffer from major problems with APM so we cannot even use APM productively after 1,5years)

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            Installed this last night and so far the results look very good. I didn't find my inbox filled with false positives this morning, and general performance seems a lot speedier.

            Will update with more findings in the coming days...

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              I installed the update last week and everything seems to be still running smooth.  I'm still having issues with false positives with regards to Cisco Call Manager and Unity at one of our customers but we have a support case (223033) open and are currently working with dev on it. 


              As mentioned previously, is there a list of updates/fixes that were included with the latest version?  I didn't see any release notes posted in the portal.