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    Feature Requests for NPM


      Here are a few items for NPM that have been points of discussion during Customer Engagements with Loop1 Systems.



      ·        Device Discovery

      o  Better Discovery and Topology Discovery selection options for Interfaces and Volumes (Matching Rules)

      o  Ability to identify the same Device on different scanned IP addresses (Router/Switch with multiple IP addresses/subnets)

      o  Topology Caching until next scan is run ( Lost data after modifying scan setup information)

      o  Ignore List included in Discovery/Node Management sections



      ·        Reports

      o  Graphical Reports - Charts and Graphs

      o  Custom Header/Footers for Reports along with general Administration via Web Console

      ·        Alerts

      o  Ability to modify the URL generated by the Alert Variable ${AlertAcknowledgeURL} example is URL had Hostname only, but needed the Fully Qualified Domain Name. (Orion vs. Orion.CompanyName.com)

      o  Option for Secondary or Redundant Email Servers w/ Email Server verification


      ·        Views By Device and Device Types

      o  Ability to add a specific view on a per Device Bases vs. Type (separate views on the same 6509 models)