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    "SNMP not working" trigger for alerting



      This is a feature request for a new trigger condition that fires when SNMP resquests are not successful any more.

      In our case there are some servers which have SNMP service configured and running, but still do not return any data upon SNMP request. They show with a grey blinking square in the green "up" button that at least one SNMP request did not return anything. This can be verified in the nore properties where the SNMP test returns "not available". However this issue can usually be solved easily by restarting the SNMP service on the monitored server, but I can't build an alert to notify the admin if SNMP is not successful any more, as I can't find any trigger criteria?

      There is already such trigger for custom pollers (its called "Custom poller last statistic poll success")but not for SNMP. A trigger similar for SNMP polls would be perfect.


      Thanks and best regards

      Holger Marschall