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    IPAM 2.0 Historical Details Questions/Issues


      Hi all,
      liking the new IPAM 2.0 - it finally resolves my issues of having split scope DHCP servers - thank you so much!
      I'm also liking the new historical details on ip/mac/hostname - however I'm seeing a few odd things and I'm wondering if it's normal or a bug...

      Specifically - when I pick IPs from the main Ip Address View and select View Details it shows historical info for only some entries - some have ip/hostname only, some have mac only, some have nothing at all - and this is on the same subnet.  Any ideas why it's like this?  I verified my scan settings and even kick off additional scan - no changes...  Happens with what looks like all my subnets and doesn't matter if its a managed DHCP subnet or not.

      Also - minor thing but when I'm in Ip Address Details - the Solarwinds tabs a the top of the window no longer function (can't click on them) - need to hit back on my browser or click the little breadcrumb links for the subnet on the page.


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          The historical info resources shows changes in IP, hostname or state. When no changes are detected during the scan, then there are no records in historical info resource.


          Regarding the minor bug with Solarwinds tabs no function on IP Address details page:

          What kind of browser are you using?

          Did the browser shows errors? (i.e. javascript error; or some component of page is not reachable)

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              Hmm - it seems inconsistent - I see info showing up for routers/switches that havn't changed at all - and conversely on the same subnet other routers/switches dont show anything at all - I see the same thing with PCs regardless of whether they're on static or dynamic IPs - again for machine that havn't changed...

              Regarding browser - I'm using IE8 with all the latest patches - however I see the same behaviour with Chrome - none of the tabs at the top of the page are clickable anymore.  Another annoying thing is if I hit back on my browser it drops me right to the top of the IPAM database so I have to drill back down again...

              Regarding Jon's question - yes - I run 2 DHCP servers and split the scope across them for redundancy - previously I couldn't put them both into IPAM - now it all looks fine and I've imported both DHCP servers and its looking good - been waiting for this since v1 :)


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              Hi,  maybe I am missing something, but how were your issues of split DHCP scopes resolved?  Can one subnet be serviced by two dhcp servers?