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    groups, dependencies and power outage issue


      My Orion monitors over 30 different locations all over the world. They differ on nodes quantity, quality of network links as well as power supplies. I set up 2 groups for each site SITE_ROUTERS and SITE_LAN to stop alerting about anything if SITE_ROUTERS group is DOWN. I did it 2 weeks ago but was not able to check it in practice.

      I know from my experience that more often alert spamming happens in case of power outage than in case of primary and secondary network go DOWN together. The problem is that all devices in server room are connected to UPS and routers die as last ones. So I would get tens of alerts anyway !!

      Most UPS-es especially in small offices do not have LAN interfaces so I can not use SNMP to get out info about "ON BATTERY" status. I'm not mentioning that there are different types/manufacturers of UPS of course. So even Smart comunication looks different.

      The only idea I have for now is to use laser printer as a probe for power outage. We are not monitoring printers on regular way in Orion but for that case laser printer looks to me as the best tester for power because laser printers are not connected to UPS.

      I'd like to hear if anybody has better idea to solve that problem.

      My Solarwinds:Orion Core 2010.2.1 SP1, APM 4.0.1, NPM 10.1.1 SP1, NTA 3.7, IVIM 1.0.0